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Why the Buzz Around Wonderstruck?

by Ryan Uytdewilligen   Even if you don’t see Wonderstruck, you have to admit the film’s trailer alone just might be the most jarring piece of cinema we’ve seen all year.   With a blend of colour and black and white, we are immediately introduced to a boy searching for his father, then ZAP! A […]

Totally Into Totally Indie Day at VIFF

by Ryan Uytdewilligen   Arguably the more subtle creative side of the film industry, indie films just aren’t often seen because of distribution problems or simply lack of funding. You beg and plead to raise money that many times just doesn’t follow through. You set out on arduous journeys to find crew members who are […]

Action Now: The VIFF Sustainable Production Forum

by Ryan Uytdewilligen   When you marvel at the scope of the latest popcorn movie, a few occasional questions such as “how did they ever do that?” might arise. That’s most likely what the filmmakers wanted you to think.   But few moviegoers actually consider or investigate the nitty-gritty reality of how much goes into […]


by Henry Kulick   After its over 30-year mark on the world of storytelling, IT is no stranger to most of us. Whether it was the original Stephen King novel, the 1990 miniseries, or the newest iteration, the 2017 film adaptation, IT is a pulse-pounding story about facing our greatest fears, no matter how terrifying […]

No Project Too Small: Making Your Break with Commercials

By Christopher McKittrick   Like nearly all film school students, you probably dream of helming a multi-million dollar Hollywood blockbuster… except at the moment you’re finding it difficult to come up with those millions to spend on your vision.   In the film industry (as in any industry), working your way up to the top […]

The Creative Producer: Getting the Best of Both Worlds

By Ryan Uytdewilligen   For most movie goers, when the credits roll, the producer names are unrecognizable and their overall duty on the picture isn’t quite clear. But their involvement must be integrally important seeing as how they tend to be Hollywood’s richest and take home top prize at the Oscars, right?   The stereotypical […]

How To Get Your Pitch Package Noticed (As Told By A Producer)

By Ryan Uytdewilligen   So you’ve typed the final words of your literary masterpiece and must now embark on the beastly journey that is capturing it on film. As if crafting a scripted masterwork wasn’t enough of a challenge, breaking into the industry by winning over busy producers is a whole other ball game that […]

7 Essential Tips for Wedding Videographers

by Renee Sutton     Dearly beloved, in the years following film school, you’ll likely pick up a side hustle or two. Taking on work as a wedding videographer is often viewed as a sweet summer gig, with the potential to make a good living at someone else’s party.   On the other hand, the […]

Dunkirk: Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

by Henry Kulick   Dunkirk is Christopher Nolan’s first major motion picture that doesn’t take place deep within the subconscious or far into the reaches of space. There are no superheroes, only real ones. This fictional portrayal of the real evacuation that happened in Dunkirk, France during WWII is Nolan’s most real movie to date, […]