Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there an application deadline?

Yes, we have application deadlines before each intake.  We also operate a rolling admissions process, so we assess applications in the order that we receive them. Applying early means there are more spaces available, and a better likelihood of securing a seat for you desired intake.

2. Does In Focus provide housing?

We do not offer student accommodations, however Vancouver has a variety of housing options to suit all budgets. We recommend booking a room in advance as temporary accommodation while searching for an apartment in the local area. If a student is interested, we can connect them with a local homestay agency.

3. Does In Focus offer financial aid?

We do not provide direct financial aid. Students can get private loans from banks in their home countries.

4.  Does In Focus provide job placement?

In Focus has excellent connections in the local film industry, and brings in guest speakers to inform students about job opportunities. Our instructors are all working professionals and can give references and advice on applying to studios, and production companies. Many grads have found employment by referrals from their instructors or classmates.

5. Can international students find work in Canada after graduation?

There are options available for international students to seek out work permits after graduating. We recommend you do your research at Citizen and Immigration Canada or speak to a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC). In Focus can refer students directly to an RCIC upon request.

6. What kind of gear do I need?

Equipment and gear costs are included in the tuition fee. The only additional cost to students is a hard drive and SD card, if students do not already own these.

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