What are people saying about their time at In Focus?

While I was interested in film, I never had any formal technical training and really despised the idea of having to enrol in another 2 to 4 year film school program upon graduating (not to mention covering the tuition!). Pull Focus’s program was a great hands on way to learn the ins and outs of basic filmmaking and how to construct a short film. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who has an interest in filmmaking and wants to learn the basic skills to launch a career. You will find future opportunities based on your portfolio of work and through your networks, both of which will get a nice boost through the school.

Devon Wong

I took the documentary filmmaking course at Pull Focus and loved every minute of it. I learned more about film making than I thought possible, my documentary project advanced by leaps and bounds, and the instructor was brilliant. I highly recommend this school to anyone that wants a fun, personalized environment.

Monika MarcoviciGreenworx

I came to Pull Focus with some experience in filmmaking, but from a decade ago. After writing, directing and acting in mostly theatre, I wanted two things from Pull Focus: 1. to kick-start myself back into shooting and telling stories for the screen, and 2. I wanted to find a community of like-minded filmmakers; Pull Focus gave me both and more. The class is simple and effective. The instruction, encouragement and support are invaluable. If you’ve read the course outlines and have any hesitation– just do it! Take the course that speaks to you, jump in, and you will find yourself swimming with new friends and collaborators. In the end, I co-directed a short PSA of which I’m very proud, but moreover, I made new friends, willing to embark on new filmmaking adventures.

Russell Bennett

In Focus Film School (formerly Pull Focus) is an amazing training ground for emerging media makers! Since graduating, the skills I gained through the program gave me the confidence to forge forward in a multitude of creative ventures both in film and arts. The abilities you acquire are transferable to many fields of communication if you are, like me, up for professional adventures. The school itself was an environment of collaboration and creative freedom, with a necessary touch of toughness that motivated us all to get the job done. Highly recommended.

Katherine Anca

I did the Documentary Film Program at in Focus Film School (formerly Pull Focus) in 2014 and it was a great experience. The teachers were all working filmmakers with a lot of experience in the filmmaking art and craft. The staff was incredibly supportive and the general environment one of creativity and camaraderie. I highly recommend it.

Milena Salazar

I joined Pull Focus (now “In Focus”) for the documentary program when I first arrived in Canada in September 2013, coming from a background of design and amateur photography. Since the beginning I loved the way the whole school team – particularly the director Steve Rosenberg – followed and cared about every single student and every single project we made. Even now, over 2 years later, I’m still in contact with several teachers, alumni, and today’s students, collaborating in projects and hanging out for events and meetings.
I’ve also been witnessing a huge improvement in the program structure and the gear made available for the students. Fun way to learn and make new contacts in the business: definitely recommended!

Daniele Simone